Tuesday, 7 February 2012


They say that one of the most important part of travelling is to experience different cultures. Well in that case in our visit to Tamarindo we have experienced the authentic cultural experience of an American beach resort. It is known as TamaGringo as it is full of American tourists looking for waves to surf and a place to get drunk.
We decided to embrace the whole cultural experience by going to a superbowl party cheering on the new york giants, who i am sure were inspired by our un informed chants to win a glorious victory.  We also tried out the local surf paying a guy on the beach to rent a board between the two of us. Katie showed me up after getting some tips from a guy who said he had been surfing for 50 years. Although after she shared her tips even I managed to ride at least one wave all the way in.

As well the cultural experience we also checked out the local wildlife. We booked a night tour of a beach where we were told there was a 90 percent chance of seeing turtles nest. We were very pleased to see two turtles coming in to nest. It was lovely but our guide did his best to ruin it by being as equally uniterested in us as well as the turtles.  We did however meet some nice Canadian girls who joined us for an 80s party dancing to MC hammer.  They also joined us for the all important experience of eating nachos as big as your ass as advertised in a local bar. They must however have decided we were quite petite as the nachos were not that big.

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