Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Now we're going to have some epic journeys over the next 5 months but this one takes the lead so far - four buses, one ferry, three friendly Costa Ricans and twelve hours later we made it to hippyville aka Montezuma.  Luckily we instantly fell in love with it so it was definitely worth it and we had surprisingly enjoyed the journey.  We are keen to make more attempts to improve our Spanish after one of the friendly costa ricans who owned a cafe gave us a lesson with his local newspaper and we're determined to buy papers regularly now.

Montezuma is a very relaxed beachside town with organic cafes, yoga, camp fires, musicians singing in the street and stunning scenery.  The hostel we were staying in was so cool - it was in amongst the forest so we would see wildlife all around such as a skunk who was so cool and looked like the cartoon charscter skunk, coatis, exotic birds and lots of monkeys.  A monkey gave us a fright one evening as we were having a beer and a snack but we foiled his covert mission so all he went away with were some olive pips.

Montezuma had a lot to do nearby so it's not about just chilling on the beach.  We walked to a nearby waterfall which was stunning and had a big fresh water pool for swimming and jumping in.  We then took a steep climp up to get to the top if the waterfall where it turns out there were two more pools and waterfalls with people jumping in and chilling.  This was probably our most relaxing day yet.

Another highlight was a 5 hour walk in Cabo Blanco nature reserve where we saw bats, lots and lots of monkeys and our Special friend long nosed bears.  Luckily half way through the walk we made it to a beach so were able to have a refreshing swim as it was soooo hot - like walking in a sauna.  We're certainly starting to get fit now!!  Another day we went on a long coastal walk.  We were only planning on staying in Montezuma but kept on extending our stay as it had such a great vibe there and we'd met some nice people who we'd got food with and chilled on the beach.  And luckily we did stay on as Jonty heard that there was a turtle hatchery on the beach and we headed there and discovered 11 turtles had hatched that morning.  They were so cute and were desperate to be released but the volunteers had to wait until it was lower tide and less hot.  At 6pm both Jonty and I were allowed to release one of the little fellas.  It was funny the volunteers had raked out an area to make it easier for the turtles to walk to the sea and to get used to walking and swimming but it looked like they'd set up a race track and we should place our bets on who we thought was the usain bolt of the turtle world.  But of course we didn't do that!!  It was a pretty special moment seeing the turtles make their way to the massive ocean and something I (katie) had been wanting to experience for about 20 years.  And it was great to see that these projects exist as there are some shocking stats about these turtles, who were olive ridley turtles, only 1 in 1000 survive!

After 5 nights and one hostel change, as the town was so busy, we were finally ready to tear ourselves from Montezuma and begin another adventure at our next stop Quepos/Manual Antonio.  Adios Amigos, Katie and Jonty xxx

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