Thursday, 23 February 2012

Surfing and alternative entertainment

Our shortest bus journey so far down the Pacific coast to Dominical. A nice little one street town next to a beach.  With no room booked we tramped up and down in the hot sun and found a nice place on the beach. The beach was famed for it strong surf breaks and each evening at around six the local experts showed off their moves with the sun setting behind them (although still no green flash). During the day the waves seemed to be a bit more forgiving so we hired a board and took turns riding our own waves.
This was were we were staying for Valentines night and with no fancy restaurants I decided to take Katie for some live music instead.  When we arrived she must have thought i was trying to get her to join a cult. The venue was a yoga studio and everyone there was very new agey and alternative.  The band introduced one song by saying that it was inspired by a old guru who had come through their community to preach. Despite or possibly because of the alternative nature we had a great time and my one regret was that I was too British to get up and dance.
On the last night we knew we had to get a 5am bus so needed an early night.  However our hostel seemed to have other ideas.  While all the time we were ther Dominical seemed like a laid back town full of hippies, surfers and yoga addicts the beach bar at our hostel decided to put on a wet t shirt competition.  We could not believe it the bar was full and the music was so loud it felt like the man was sitting at the end of our bed shouting into his mike introducing the women to the stage.  With perseverance and wax plugs we however got some sleep before our early bus.

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