Saturday, 18 February 2012

Natural wonders and natural disasters

After a early bus ride and ferry trip we arrived in Quepos at a hostel called the wide mouth frog. There was some confusion about our booking and they only had one room available for us which was more pricey than we wanted but as we were tired and they had a pool so we were happy to take the room for one night. After a quick dip in the pool we walked down to the sea to see the sun set and so that Katie could see the green flash. For years I have attempted to convince Katie that when the sun sets perfectly into the sea the last slither of the sun turns green just before disappears. Unfortunately not only was Katie not convinced neither was the the sun which stubbornly refused to prove me right.
The next day we went to Manuel Antonio a small but rather busy natural park. In amongst the crowds we managed to see sloths, monkeys, big spiders and plenty of birds and lizards. We also found a really beautiful beach where we could lie down in the sun and swim in the lovely warm waters. Unfortunately Katie discovered that we did not have the sea all to ourselves when she suddenly felt a sharp pain on her leg where she must have swum past a jelly fish. And no we did not try the famous and rather unpleasant cure for jelly fish stings.
That night to save some cash we stayed in a cheap local hotel. We were the only gringos there but were made to feel very welcome. Although the the owner did freak me out a little when the lock on our door broke and she brought out a large carving knife in an attempt to wedge it open.
That night however at about 5 am we were woken by some violent shaking as our whole room rocked side to side. Not really sure what to do in an earth quake I kind of wished for a minute we had stayed in the hostel which was all on one floor and we knew we could trust the door not to jam. However apart from losing some sleep all was fine.

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  1. I believe you - I have seen the green flash happen a few times whilst working on a boat - really special thing to see. Emily